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Layered Blueberry Dessert in commssary kitchen shared kitchen rentals san diego

Ready to get in the kitchen?

We know finances are a major consideration when making business decisions. We keep our rates fair and competitive without compromising quality services for you. If you have any questions while you look through our rates below, please feel welcome to give us a call at: (858) 935-9924.

Before you call to book, please make sure you've completed everything on the...

Monthly Base Rate

INCLUDES Commissary Letter



$40/hour Peak


$35/hour Non-Peak

Monthly Kitchen Packages

INCLUDES $195 Base Rate
1 FREE dry goods shelf

Per Month          *Peak             **Non-Peak

    15 Hrs         $  430/mo         $  345/mo

    25 Hrs         $  630/mo         $  505/mo

    40 Hrs         $  940/mo         $  750/mo

    60 Hrs         $1260/mo         $1010/mo

    80 Hrs         $1565/mo         $1255/mo

  105 Hrs         $1875/mo         $1500/mo

175+ Hrs         $2810/mo         $2250/mo

  *Peak:        Monday - Friday  8am - 6pm

**Non-Peak: Monday - Friday  6pm - 6am;

                     Saturday & Sunday 24 hours


Optional Storage Add-Ons:

 Rates per Month

Dry Goods Storage

Refrigerated Storage

Freezer Storage

Annex Caged Storage

$30/metro shelf


$55 - $65/shelf

$275 - $325/rack

$100 - $130/shelf



Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I schedule my time in the kitchen?

All scheduling is done through Gina, the Kitchen Manager, at (858) 935-9924.

What kind of scheduling do you offer?

We have availability for varied schedules, set schedules and one-time commitments. We also offer the option to book the entire kitchen space - please give us a call for the full-book rates.

Do you offer leasing contracts?

We only book month to month, we do not offer leasing contracts.

What's included in the rates?

Your rate includes the following amenities:

 - Commissary Letter

 - All utilities (water, electricity, cleaning supplies, trash pickup & shared equipment repairs)

 - Free Wi-Fi

 - Daily deep cleaning of the kitchen Monday - Friday (from 6am - 8am)

 - 24/7 Access to the kitchen

 - 24/7 Security video surveillance

 - Use of the kitchen's cooking and preparation space

 - Shared commercial grade equipment

 - Reserved dry goods, refrigerated and/or frozen storage space (if selected)

 - Use of our physical address as your business address (optional)

 - Use of our location as a delivery site (you must be present to receive your deliveries)

 - On-site operations and office management

 - Complimentary day-use walk-in

 - Ample free, lighted parking

Are there any additional fees that I may be charged?

A refundable $15 deposit is required for each fob access key.

Can I use your space to teach classes?

Due to health, sanitation and insurance regulations, we cannot offer our hourly rate to those who are looking for a commercial kitchen space to teach classes. To teach classes in our space, you would need to book the entire kitchen for the duration of time that you need the space. Please give us a call to discuss the full-book rates.

What types of businesses can use your space?

You might be a good fit for us if your business creates consumable goods for...

 - Catering

 - Food Trucks (food prep only; not a food truck parking facility)

 - Farmer's Markets

 - Meal Prep / Personal Chef

 - Specialty Food Products

 - Test Kitchen

 - Food Photography

 - And more! Give us a call if you have questions about working in our space!

Have more questions?

Give us a call at  (858) 935-9924.

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